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we make computing personal


Our vision is for Maslo to power a world in which empathetic computing helps us understand ourselves to live creatively and fully… whatever that means for each person.

  • who we are

    We are experts at human computer interaction in important situations. We produce products and research with leading labs and academics who specialize in mood disorders, behavioral therapy, and cognitive science.

  • what we offer

    Maslo is a new category defining technology. The platform captures and processes unstructured signals like audio, video, and biomarkers to infer mental states, behaviors, and change in people over time.

current partners

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Professional Development Behavioral Health Human Resources Recruiting
Professional Development

Evolve Together

An emotional health platform for executive coaches to uncover meaningful insights that help their clients grow.

Behavioral Health


A companion for therapists and social workers to understand what happens with clients between sessions.

Human Resources

Unannounced Partner

A companion for remote employees to feel connected and improve wellbeing.


Unannounced Partner

Soft skills assessment companion to learn, grow, and land that dream job.


processed signals

The platform is an ever growing network of signal processors that collect, synthesize, and emit signal at different memory scales. A few examples include:

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    Emotional Signal Processors 17
    From basics like sentiment and energy to the more complex mental states like depression and wellbeing.
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    Linguistic Signals 1.2m
    Phrases, words, complexity and more used to describe aspirations by thousands of fascinating individuals.
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    Unstructured Signals 20TB
    Several thousand hours of audio, video, text and other sensory biomarkers.
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    Mood changes 8.6
    Mood changes per person per day. Change is the only thing that doesn’t change!

core idea

Our idea is simple: we put empathy into the technology that surrounds us. To encourage emotional fluency, self awareness, and personal growth — in every person.

let's talk

We can't do this alone. Engage with us and the technology.